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USS Enterprise CV-6
The Most Decorated Ship of the Second World War

Authorization for Leave of Absence, September-October 1943

U.S.S. Enterprise


This is to certify that SHEPHERD, James W., AOM2c., USNR has been granted leave of absence after having served in the combat areas and on many engagements, and is considered deserving of any consideration in the assignment of transportation priorities and issuance of ration cards that may be granted. Pursuant to Section 111 Circular #39 War Dept. 1943 Class 4 priority for transportation by air within the continental limits of the United States during the period of this leave is authorized for him Sept. 20, 1943 to October 20, 1943, subject to the provisions of existing air priority directives and War Dept. circulars pertaining thereto.

(Signed) N. L. TABER
Ensign, U.S. Navy,
Aide to the Executive Officer

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