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USS Enterprise CV-6
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Letter dated July 19, 1941, from G. A. Kraus, Navy Recruiter, to J. W. Shepherd

Dear Sir,

Your attention is invited to the enclosed information which will doubtless be of interest to you.

Men who have registered for Selective Service may be accepted for enlistment in the Navy or Naval Reserve at any time prior to receipt of orders for induction under selective service.

This office, is open each day except Sunday, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The enclosed franked envelope, is for your convenience, in obtaining any further information you may desire from this office.

Yours truly,

(Signed) G. A. Kraus GM1c, F4c, USFR
Navy Recruiter

Physical requirements for enlistment in the U.S. NAVAL RESERVE are modified as follows:

  1. Teeth - All Reserve Classes EXCEPT V-5 and V-7: 18 sound vital teeth with at least two molars in functional occlusion; and not more than four incisors missing which are SATISFACTORILY REPLACED.
  2. Height - 62 inches.
  3. Weight - Well proportioned and muscular.
  4. Chest - In accordance with weight and height.

  1. Enlistments are for four years -BUT- men will be released when the present emergency is over REGARDLESS of the time remaining on current enlistment.
  2. Men are given the same opportunities to enter Service Schools and Advance in rating as those in the Regular Navy.
  3. Opportunity for patriotic duty during the emergency, while following one of the many trades offered by the U.S. NAVY.

The following classes are now open.

Class V-2
Age 17 to 28: **Apprentice Seamen, for Aviation Machinist's Mate.

Class V-3
Age 17 to 26: **Apprentice Seamen, for Radioman, Signalman or Yeoman (Clerical).
Telegraphers, Chief, First Class, Second Class or Third Class.
Telegraphers (for Cable Duty), Chief, First Class, Second Class or Third Class.

Class V-5
Age 29 to 27: Must have 2 years college; enlisted as Seaman Second Class for Aviation Cadet Training.

Class V-6
Age 17 to 36: **Apprentice Seaman, for Metalsmith, Machinist's Mate, Electrician's Mate, Carpenter's Mate and Storekeeper.
Age 17 to 50: Any Rating corresponding to those of the Regular Navy.

**Upon completion of recruit training, if qualified in accordance with the present standards for entrance in Service Schools, will be sent to School for instruction in their Specialty. If not qualified, these men will be available for general detail.

Class V-7
Age 20 to 28: Must be College graduate and hold BA, BS or Engineering degree. Enlisted as Apprentice Seaman for three-month training cruise as Midshipman, upon the successful completion of which to be commissioned as Ensign D-V(G) U.S. Naval Reserve.

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