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USS Enterprise CV-6
The Most Decorated Ship of the Second World War

The companies listed on this page offer products of special interest to those building models of Enterprise CV-6, and ship models in general. All of these vendors carry a wide selection of models and supplies, in addition to the items listed below.

Note: When available, the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), and a "street price" range are specified. The street-price is the approximate actual selling price of the item as purchased from dealers.

General Links

The Modelers Boatyard, Inc.
An on-line ship-modelers' "mall", featuring numerous model dealers, as well as vendors of tools, plans and modeling magazines.

Naval Base Hobbies
Naval Base Hobbies carries a large assortment of warship models and accessories, in addition to useful on-line references.

The Floating Drydock
The Floating Drydock carries kits and fittings, as well as an extensive collection of plans and camouflage sheets.


This Site
Elsewhere on this site is detailed information regarding CV-6's complement of anti-aircraft weapons and radar and fire-control directors, as well as the camouflage schemes she used during the war.

Warship Pictorials: Yorktown-Class Carriers
Written by Steve Wiper, this is a great collection of detailed photos of Yorktown CV-5, Enterprise CV-6, and Hornet CV-8. Photos are accompanied by comments on fittings, installations and paint schemes, all of which will be of interest to the scale modeler. For more information, please visit the Warship Pictorials web site.

US Navy Camouflage
Developed by John Sheridan, this online database of ship camouflage is a handy reference to the various schemes and measures applied to US Navy ships during the Second World War (and more recently). Curious about what the Big E was "wearing" in 1943? This site will tell you.

Scale Ship Models

Blue Water 1:350 Scale Model
Blue Water USS Enterprise CV-6 Model.

Blue Water Navy 1:350 Scale Model
Full-hull model of the Big E, as she appeared in 1944. Finished model is 28" long. Expert-level. MSRP: $949.95. Street Price: $800-$950.

Tamiya 1:700 Scale Model
Water-line model of Enterprise CV-6. Entry-level. Street Price: $18-$28.

Ship's Plans

Taubman 1:16 Scale Plans
Plans specifically made for model ship builders, by Abe Taubman. These plans are for the Yorktown-class carriers: Yorktown CV-5, Enterprise CV-6, and Hornet CV-8. Street price: $6.00.

"TFW" Plans
Highly detailed plans drawn by Tom Walkowiak, for model ship builders. These plans are for Enterprise CV-6, as she was fitted out in 1944. Street price: $20-$35.

Camouflage Design Sheets

Snyder & Short Color Chips, Set 1
Authoritative paint chips created by John Snyder and Randy Short. Set 1 includes 20 chips of the grays and purple-blues used through early 1945. Street Price: $14-$18.

Snyder & Short Color Chips, Set 2
Additional paint chips by Snyder and Short. Set 2 includes 30 chips of the greens and browns used by PT and amphibious forces, as well as the neutral grays used in 1945. Street Price: $20-$25.

Measure 33/4AB Camouflage Sheet
"Dazzle"-type camouflage employed on Enterprise CV-6 in February 1944. Street price: $2.00.


SIRMAR 1/96 Scale Fittings for WWII Ships
Everything from doors, to turrets, to gun directors, to life rafts, to signal lamps!

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