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Fifth Fleet Tokyo Raids - 16 February 1945 (Read More...)

    1. Task Force Fifty Eight commanded by Vice Admiral MITCHER in the BUNKER HILL is composed of the following task groups: 58.1-Rear Admiral CLARK; 58.2-Rear Admiral DAVISON; 58.3-Rear Admiral SHERMAN; 58.4-Rear Admiral RADFORD; and our task group, 58.5 commanded by Rear Admiral GARDNER composed of the ENTERPRISE under commande of Captain HALL and the SARATOGA under command of Captain MOEBUS.
    2. In the last twenty four hours Task Force 58 has made a high speed run toward the target area.
    1. The ENTERPRISE and SARATOGA will be used for dusk and night operations in the main for Task Group 58. The ENTERPRISE will begin activities with an RCM launch at 0400. At 1615 the ENTERPRISE and SARATOGA will fly zipper missions over target area. At 1730 and 2100 the ENTERPRISE will launch Jammer missions.
      On D-2 ENTERPRISE and SARATOGA launch a Yoke Search at 0130; and at 0300 they will launch strikes.
      NCAP's will be maintained in condition #10 or flown as directed and Photo missions as ordered.
    2. Zipper flights are to be directed against enemy aircraft in the assigned areas.
      The night search operations are against enemy shipping in the assigned sectors.
      Attack enemy shipping when practicable and consistent with full search coverage.
      The predawn strike is directed against Aircraft, and engine plants in Tokyo Harbor Area and will involve Radar approaches and coordinated attacks.
      The ENTERPRISE attack group will attack first, leaving the target area promptly at 0455.
    • NCAP, DADCAP) Use VHF 4-Dog primary and 2-Baker secondary (Be prepared to changed over on orders of TF 58 FDO of MOHAWK). Channel 2 Baker is the same for TG's 58.1, 58.4 and 58.5.
      NOTE: While 58.2 and 58.3 have separate channels for 2 Baker TEXAN planes are not set up on this.
      CALLS: TEXAN plus division calls.
    • RADCAP) Same as NCAP except report to PLUNGER BASE on 4 Dog and be prepared to switch to 3 Charlie if assigned to other bases or TOMCATS.
      CALLS: 100 and 300 series plus TEXAN.
    • SEARCH) Use VHF 2 Baker primary 6420 secondary.
      CALLS: 23 through 28 YOKE TEXAN.
    • ATTACK) Use VHF 3 Charlie primary and 4475 secondary.
      CALLS: 100 and 300 series plus TEXAN.
    • NOTE: TOMCAT #1 is the right hand end of a Radar Patrol Line - 545 KCS. TOMCAT #2 is the left hand and 575 KCS. The ZBX has already been set up for these.
    • The Tactical Commander of Radar Scouting and Picket Line is TOPFLIGHT.
    • When approaching individual ships for identification planes should approach at 1000 feet. Do not approach from bearing of sun when sun is low.
    • The ship will challenge with the letter "Z" or shine red filter on searchlight.
    • Aircraft Reply: (Daytime).
      • ODD DAYS - If more than one plane the leader of the flight will leave the formation and circle to the right, dip his right wing twice very noticeably, approximately 30 degrees, upon reaching the approach bearing again.
      • EVEN DAYS - Same as above but circle to left.
      • NIGHT TIME - Planes making approaches at night will turn on running lights and proceed as for daytime replies when challenged. Orbiting left or right back to approach bearing may be omitted at night.
      • BEARINGS - ODD Days -
        • Local time 045-225 True
        • 135-315 True
      • NIGHT - Turn on running lights and proceed same as daylight except circling may be omitted.
      • ACKNOWLEDGEMENT - Surface craft will acknowledge by making "F's" or shining green filter over searchlight at plane.
    • Aircraft returning from target area will not approach Task Force in sector included between bearings of pickets from fleet center.
    1. TF 58 will be cruising throughout the day in an AIR SURFACE ZONE in which all subs are to be destroyed.
    2. There will, however, be a JOINT ZONE about 90 miles wide bordering the Honshu coast and lying between the TF and the Tokyo area targets. The Southeast boundary of this joint zone connects the coordinate points: 37N, 142-20E, and 36N, 142-20E, 34-20N, 141-20E and 33N, 138-20E. Do not attack any sub in a Joint Zone unless it is identified beyond question as enemy.
    3. The area within a circle of fifty (50) miles radius around HACHIJO JIMA will be a JOINT ZONE.
    4. Be on alert to avoid attacking the rescue subs upon which you have been briefed. The dawn positions of these subs on 16 February will be: "PALM READER", 30 miles bearing 135 degrees from INUBO SAKI LIGHT (35-41N, 140-52E); "FULL HOLSTER", 30 miles bearing 135 degrees from SUNO SAKI LIGHT (34-58N, 139-45E); "GLOOMY GUS", 30 miles bearing 180 degrees from IRO SAKI LIGHT (34-36N, 138-51E); also "GLOOMY GUS", 44 miles bearing 226 from IRO SAKI LIGHT (same point as above); "POLLUTED", 30 miles bearing 090 degrees from HACHIJO JIMA (33-02N, 139-50E).
    1. Rescue subs will be on station in five areas (as briefed by AIC) beginning 0400.
    2. Destroyers will be stationed in the direction of target alerted to rescue downed airmen. Aircraft should be ditched about 1000 yards ahead of destroyers
    3. Pilots forced to make landings should avoid enemy airfields. Exact locations are not known but all bays, gulfs and harbors, especially Tokyo Gulf north of 34deg44min N are possible mine fields.
    4. VOS will be maintained in Condition #11 by our cruisers for one hour at dawn for rescue of pilots downed during night.
    • Lt. Barkley predicts partly cloudy skies; scattered cumulus at 3500 feet; moderate industrial haze in the early morning with visibility 2 to 8 miles and surface winds North North westward 8-10 knots, coming in to Tokyo Area we may expect cloudy skies, intermittent showers. Critical temperatures for carburetor icing will be encountered between surface and 5000 feet.
    • At high altitudes off Tokyo, Western winds with velocities up to 180 knots may be encountered. It is advisable to check navigation constantly.
(Signed) L. G. KAYE
Lt-Cdr., USNR
Air Operations officer.

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