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VT(N)-90 Squadron History

Commissioned on 25 August 1944, Night Torpedo Squadron 90 (VT(N)-90) was one of the first full US Navy squadrons developed and trained specifically for night and all-weather carrier operations. Composed largely of former Torpedo Ten aviators, VT(N)-90 and VF(N)-90 ( Night Fighter Squadron 90) deployed as Night Air Group 90 with Enterprise on 24 December 1944 and proceeded immediately to the western Pacific. Through April 1945, the Big E was the flagship of her former skipper, Rear Admiral Matthias Gardner, Commander Carrier Division Seven: " The Navy's First Night Carrier Division".

From Christmas Eve 1944 through 14 May 1945, VT(N)-90's LT(jg) Robert B. Hadley "conscientiously recorded ... day by day events in a manner which warmly reflects the experiences and thoughts" of the squadron. The result was a unique historical document of a trail-blazing squadron, a daily chronicle which contains "broader interest for all as a depiction of carrier squadron life, with its problems, uncertainties and sorrows, mingled with its friendships, humor and successes."

I'm indebted to Arnold Olson for providing this document, Roy Pintacura for copies of his original sketches, and VT(N)-90 for making the history depicted herein.

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