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USS Enterprise CV-6
The Most Decorated Ship of the Second World War

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Battle Histories
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Battle Histories


Guadalcanal : The Definitive Account of the Landmark Battle
by Richard B. Frank
Paperback, Reprint Edition / Published 1992
Suggested Price: $17.95
The six month campaign for Guadalcanal saw Enterprise CV-6 engaged five times and heavily damaged twice. Guadalcanal : The Definitive Account is an even-handed, comprehensive account of the land, air and sea battles that marked the turning point of the war against Japan.
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Carrier Clash: The Invasion of Guadalcanal & The Battle of the Eastern Solomons
by Eric Hammel
Hardcover, 480 pages / Published 1997
Suggested Price: $29.95
A landmark history of the Battle of the Eastern Solomons, 24 August 1942. Drawing on newly declassified information from U.S. and Japanese sources, and on numerous other archival sources, Hammel brings a fresh perspective to the outcome of the war as a whole.
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Carrier Strike: The Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands
by Eric Hammel
Hardcover, 528 pages / Published 2000
Suggested Price: $29.95
One of most bitterly contested naval battles in history, the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands cost Japan her last, best chance to win the Pacific war. Acclaimed military historian Eric Hammel's Carrier Strike is based upon American and Japanese battle reports, and recollections of aviators and seaman who took part in the battle.
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Decision at Sea: The Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, November 13-15, 1942
by Eric Hammel
Paperback, 480 pages / Published 1999
Suggested Price: $27.50
The Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, 13-15 November 1942, was America's most decisive surface naval battle of the war, and one in which Enterprise's Air Group 10 played a critical role. Hammel blends detailed historical records with personal accounts of many officers and enlisted men, creating an engrossing narrative of this key American victory.
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The First Team and the Guadalcanal Campaign 
by John B. Lundstrom
Hardcover, 626 pages / Published 1993
Suggested Price: $39.96
A first-rate history of naval fighter combat during the Guadalcanal campaign. Lundstrom covers virtually every aspect, from national strategies, to engagements, to fighter tactics, to the individual airmen.
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Truk Islands Raid

Ghost Fleet of the Truk Lagoon: An Account of 'Operation Hailstone', February 1944
by William Stewart
Paperback, 142 pages / Published 1986
Suggested Price: $9.95
In February 1944, a devastating U.S. carrier raid crippled the Japanese bastion of Truk. Ghost Fleet of the Truk Lagoon features 60 photos and maps of the raid, and the wrecks as they appear today in Truk's lagoon, now a popular scuba-diving destination.
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Sunken Secrets of World War II - The Legacy of Truk Lagoon
VHS (Video Tape) / Published 1996
Suggested Price: $19.95
Features footage from the February 1944 raid on Truk lagoon, as well as from operations later in the war.
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Battle of the Philippine Sea

Carrier Battle in the Philippine Sea : The Marianas Turkey Shoot
by Barrett Tillman
Paperback / Published 1994
Suggested Price: $12.95
The Battle of the Philippine Sea, in June 1944, was the last great carrier vs. carrier battle of the Second World War, and perhaps in history. With numerous first-hand accounts, this is a good introduction to the Marianas campaign, as well as the naval air battle that came to be known as the "Marianas Turkey Shoot."
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Leyte Gulf

Decision and Dissent : With Halsey at Leyte Gulf
by Carl Solberg
Hardcover / Published 1995
Leyte Gulf - 24-26 October 1944 - was the largest naval engagement in history and, from the American standpoint, one of the most controversial. As commander of the Third Fleet, Bill Halsey stood at the center of the controversy. Written by a Third Fleet air combat intelligence officer, Decision and Dissent is a unique and important examination of the battle, and Halsey's handling of the fast carrier forces.
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The Battle for Leyte Gulf (Naval Series)
by C. Vann Woodard
Hardcover, 244 pages / Published 1989
Suggested Price: $29.95
Features 46 photographs and six maps of the final fleet action of the Japanese Imperial Navy.
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Iwo Jima

Flags of Our Fathers
by James Bradley
Hardcover, 376 pages / Published 2000
Suggested Price: $14.97
Few books have ever captured the complexity and furor of war and its aftermath as well as Flags of Our Fathers. A penetrating, epic look at a generation at war, this is history told with keen insight, enormous honesty, and the passion of a son paying homage to his father. It is the story of the difference between truth and myth, the meaning of being a hero, and the essence of the human experience of war.
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Never In Doubt: Remembering Iwo Jima
by Lynn Kessler (editor)
Hardcover, 248 pages / Published 1999
Suggested Price: $26.36
Survivors of one of the fiercest battles of the war in the Pacific tell their dramatic stories in this collection of oral histories. Veterans from all the services - Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, Army, and Army Air Corps - are represented, everyone from infantrymen, machine gunners, and engineers to medics, airmen, and coxswains.
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Operation Iceberg : The Invasion and Conquest of Okinawa in World War II
by Gerald Astor
Paperback, 576 pages / Published 1999
Suggested Price: $5.85
A unique re-creation of one of the century's most decisive battles - the terrible, four-month conflict that preceded by a scant eight weeks the Japanese surrender on V-J Day. Operation Iceberg, as it was known, saw the fiercest attack of kamikazes in the entire Pacific Theater of War. The U.S. fleet suffered severe losses: 34 ships sunk, 368 damaged, 5,000 sailors killed and 5,000 more wounded: it was the Big E's final campaign.
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With the Old Breed : At Peleliu and Okinawa
by Eugene B. Sledge
Paperback, 326 pages / Published 1990
Suggested Price: $13.45
Based on notes he kept on slips of paper tucked secretly away in his Bible, Eugene Sledge has written a devastatingly powerful memoir of his experience fighting in the South Pacific during WWII. John Keegan describes this stirring account of the vitality and bravery of the Marines as "one of the most arresting documents in war literature."
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