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Note: To this day, it is not known exactly what ENS Walters sighted during his afternoon search south of Oahu, described in his report below. It is known that no Japanese vessels were located in the area he searched, nor were enemy aircraft operating south of Oahu at the time of his mission. The ships and planes he apparently sighted have never been positively identified.

At sea,
14 December 1941.
From:Ensign C. R. WALTERS, A-V(N), U.S.N.R.
To:Commander, Bombing Squadron SIX.
Subject:Contact with Enemy CV and CL.
  1. On 7 December 1941, while on a search, I contacted a Japanese CV of the Soryu type in position L-20°-32'N, Lo.-158°-16'W. In order to more positively identify the ship, I circled wide in attempt to gain a position up sun from it; while doing so, I found an enemy plane closing on my starboard quarter. The plane was a silver, twin-engine monoplane carrying two vertical stabilizers. Attack was evaded by applying full throttle and diving to within twenty-five feet of the water. Shortly afterward, a CL of the Jintsu class was observed in L-20°-32'N, Lo.-158°-40'W. Under cover of one of many rain squalls, which reduced visibility to a minimum, I tracked the CL until I heard the ship order fighters to investigate.
  2. On the return leg, I was unable to find the ship and proceeded to Kaena Point, Oahu via Kauai. After sunset, I was given permission to land at Kaneohe Bay.
(Signed) C. R. WALTERS

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