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Pearl Harbor - 7 December 1941

The morning of Sunday, December 7, 1941, eighteen Enterprise Air Group planes, including thirteen from Scouting Six, four from Bombing Six, and that flown by Air Group Commander LCDR Howard L. "Brigham" Young, departed Enterprise to scout an arc extended from northeast to southeast of the ship, before landing at Ford Island Naval Air Station, in Pearl Harbor. As the planes, flying in pairs, neared Pearl Harbor, they found themselves caught between the attacking Japanese planes and the defensive fire from ships and shore stations below. Six SBDs were lost, some to enemy attacks, others to friendly fire. Eight airmen were killed, and two were wounded. In the evening, six VF-6 Wildcats were directed to land at Ford Island. Triggering a panic, five were shot down by friendly anti-aircraft fire: three pilots were killed and two were wounded.[1]

These reports were filed approximately a week after the attack, detailing the aviators' discovery of the attack, encounters with the attacking Japanese planes, and the subsequent searches for the enemy carriers.

Anti-Submarine Action - 10 December 1941

[1] Casualty summaries courtesy of Arnold W. Olson, Public Affairs Officer (ret.), Enterprise CV-6 Association.

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