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 At Sea
14 December, 1941
From:Ensign C. T. FOGG, USN, (Pilot of 6-S-11).
To:The Commander, Scouting Squadron SIX.
Subject:Report of Action with Japanese on Oahu on 7 December, 1941.
Reference:(a) Art. 874 U.S. Navy Regs.
  1. I completed my scouting sector with no contacts and proceeded to Oahu, arriving over Barbers Point at about 0840. I flew towards Pearl Harbor and got as far as Ewa Field before I realized fully that Oahu had been bombed. I immediately turned back towards Barbers Point and rendezvoused with five other Scouting Squadron SIX planes who had completed search. This group was lead by Lieutenant W. E. Gallaher, USN. After circling at sea for an indefinite time we sighted two large groups of enemy aircraft rendezvousing about 20 miles south of Barbers Point. After reporting them, we attempted to land at Ford Island but were mistaken for enemy and fired upon by own anti-aircraft. The formation broke and I turned back and landed at Ewa Field. Damage to my plane was slight, only a hole in the main spar of my right wing and another in my tail surfaces. At Ewa Field I found that they had suffered two strafing attacks and that all aircraft but two (2) F4F's had been destroyed by incendiary bullets. Personnel casualties were light, approximately three dead and eight to twelve seriously wounded.
  2. I remained at Ewa Field by direction of Wheeler Control until about 1000 the next day (Monday) when I took off and proceeded to Ford Island by orders from Patrol Wing TWO Operations Officer.
(Signed) C. T. FOGG

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