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 At Sea
13 December, 1941
From:Lieutenant (jg) H. D. HILTON, USN, (Pilot of 6-S-7).
To:The Commander, Scouting Squadron SIX.
Subject:Report of Action with Japanese on Oahu on 7 December, 1941.
Reference:(a) Art. 874 U.S. Navy Regulations.
  1. I was returning from routine scouting flight in 6-S-7 after having been launched from the USS ENTERPRISE earlier in the morning. My wing man was 6-B-5 and piloted by Ensign E. J. KROEGER, USNR, (VB6). We approached Barbers Point sometime between 0845 and 0900 as my estimated time of arrival was 0845. The Pearl Harbor area was completely covered with smoke and at Barbers Point my wing man and I joined three other SBD type planes led by Lieutenant W. E. GALLAHER, USN, of Scouting Squadron SIX. We circled and then flew to a point five to ten miles south of Barbers Point and circled again for a few minutes. During this period I observed two groups of unidentified (enemy) aircraft flying formation over Barbers Point at about 4000 to 6000 feet. The seven planes of which I was one then landed at Ewa Field and definite evidence of attack was first noted. We all took off immediately for Ford Island and upon approaching the lochs anti-aircraft from our own batterys fired at us. 6-S-11, Pilot Ensign C. T. FOGG, USN, 6-B-5, Pilot Ensign E. J. KROEGER, USNR (VB6), 6-B-12, Pilot Ensign F. T. WEBER, USNR(VB6) and myself in 6-S-7 turned away and returned to Ewa Field. Planes were fueled and two planes armed with 500 lb. bombs. The Commanding Officer of the Marine Base sent word to CinCUS and ComPatWing TWO of our availability.
  2. We were ordered to join Hickam Field heavy bombers at 1115. Three planes took off 6-S-7, 6-B-5 and 6-B-12, (6-S-11 was being serviced and could not get off), at 2000 feet west of Ford Island anti-aircraft fire was directed at us. I lead the planes down low behind and north of Ford Island to meet the bombers on the take-off from Hickam Field. At time of rendezvous I did not see any planes taking off, but I did hear my squadron commander report being over Barbers Point. I called and told him of our position and he ordered planes to refuel and rearm at Ford Island. I complied and landed at Ford Island and joined the remaining planes of the flight.
  3. At 1230 the same day I joined Lieutenant C. E. DICKINSON Jr., USN, and Ensign F. WEBER, USNR,(VB6), in a scouting flight. The sector was 330° to 350° distance of 175 miles. We arrived back Ford Island at 1520. No contacts were made.
(Signed) H. D. HILTON

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