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( 030C ) 
 December 20, 1941 
From:Lieutenant(jg) Frank A. Patriarca, U.S.N., (Pilot of 6-S-16).
To:The Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Enterprise.
Subject:Report of Action with Japanese on Oahu on 7 December, 1941.
Reference:(a) Art. 874 U. S. Navy Regulations.
  1. Ensign W. M. Willis, A-V(N), U.S.N.R., (Pilot of 6-S-15) and myself (Pilot of 6-S-16), arrived at Barbers Point at about 0825, 7 December 1941, after having left the Enterprise at 0637 to scout sector 065 - 075 with orders to proceed to Ford Island upon completion of our mission. We proceeded down the coast-line to a point just East of Ewa where we turned in to make a normal approach to Luke Field at 1000 feet altitude. During this time I saw Ewa Field burning and many planes overhead. My radioman called my attention to the anti-aircraft fire over Pearl Harbor and to the geysers of water along the coast-line. It was at this time that I noticed tracer bullets flying past the plane and at the same time I saw a plane over Ewa reflected in the sun as it went up on it's wing and saw the red markings. I knew definitely then that the Japanese were attacking the Island of Oahu. At this time some planes dove for us, I turned and dove for the coast-line at full throttle and at the same time broadcasted the attack over the air. I then navigated back to the probable ships position using the 0600 pt. option. I then realized that my wing man was not with me. After having searched for the ship for sometime and being unable to locate it I turned back to Pearl Harbor. During this time I heard no radio communications. I was low on gasoline and landed at Burns Field at about 1145. Captain Crochett, U.S.A.(MC), hospitalized me for the next three days. On Wednesday, December 10, 1941, I was discharged from the Hospital and sent back to Burns Field. In the meantime Lieutenant Baldwin, U.S.N.R. (Naval Intelligence) at Kauai had informed Captain Mayfield, U.S.N. of my whereabouts. Captain Mayfield informed Lieutenant Baldwin to hold me at Kauai until further orders. On Thursday, December 11, 1941, Lieutenant Colonel Fitzgerald, U.S.A. asked me to make a reconnaisance hop around Kauai, which I did, but cracked up upon returning to Burns Field.
  2. The following day, Friday, December 12, 1941, and Inter-Island Airliner brought my radioman and myself back to Oahu. Neither my radioman nor I suffered any injuries.
Copy to: CEAG
         CO VS6

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